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Changing the world without changing the Earth



At Ecolife Products we believe in making the world a better place for everyone by promoting biodegradable, compostable

and other environmentally friendly products we use in everyday life.  We care about the environment and our products are designed to work with little or no effect to the world around us.  If we don't believe in it, we don't sell it.


Ecolife's BioBag Line - Certified compostable bags and bin liners. 100% compostable bags. 100% biodegradable

BioBag Food Waste, BioBag Tall Kitchen, BioBag Dog Waste, BioBag Ecoproduce and more.


MaxAir Kitchen Bin - Organics collection bin reduces odours, mold and fruit flies.    Over 3 Million Sold!


BioBag Ecoindustrial Bags and Bin Liners - Ecolife's BioBag Ecoindustrial line of tough & reliable compostable bin liners available in bulk quantities for schools, government, institutions, and the hospitality industry. 100% compostable. Certified.


EcoProduce Bags - an eco-friendly alternative to polyethylene produce bags. EcoProduce bags are food grade approved and are fully compostable and biodegradable. An excellent choice for supermarkets, grocery stores and farmer markets.


BioShop is Ecolife's highly successful line of compostable & biodegradable retail shopping bags. Three sizes to choose from.


Green Bag - reusable bags that offer an enviromentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic shopping carrier bags.


EcoLife Natural Cleaning Solutions are highly effective patented plant based all natural cleaning products. Retail packaged for consumer and also available in concentrated bulk form to commercial, hospitality and industrial clients. Biodegradable. People, Pet and Plant Friendly. Replacing Poisons is our business! Made In Canada


Strainee saves costly plumbing repairs and reduces maintenance by offering the first ever fully compostable and biodegradable corn starch strainer for sinks, bathtubs and showers. Ask for it by name Strainee! Earth friendly clog prevention for home, hospitality, and industrial applications. Shower Strainee, Bathtub Strainee & Shower Strainee great new products for a eco friendly home or business! 


EcoHumidifer automatically controls indoor humidity with no electricity or noise. Easy to use and highly effective. Ingeniously designed the award winning EcoHumidifier provides moisture to dry air 24 hrous a day, 7 days a week. New Green Product.

Natural Humidifier.



Popular Products...

MaxAir Kitchen Bin

[ view details ]

1 bin
Priced from $9.95 per piece

Green Bag? Children's Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag

[ view details ]

1 bag
Priced from $3.49 per unit

60G/ 240 L ecoindustrial

[ view details ]

80 bags per case
Priced from $98.98 per case

BioBag? Tall Kitchen 35L

[ view details ]

10 bags per carton
Priced from $5.99 per carton